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Philips Replacement Spares

Philips Philishave HQ8000 Sensotec Head Frame Unit

Philips Philishave HQ8000 Sensotec Head Frame Housing

GBP 21.95 GBP 18.45 (Save 16%)
4 In Stock
Philips AT/PT Series Head Frame

Philips AquaTouch/PowerTouch replacement Head Holder Black Frame Unit

GBP 18.95
2 In Stock
Philips PT Series Head Frame Holder

Philips PowerTouch replacement Head Holder Frame Holder

GBP 18.95
3 In Stock
QP2530 2 Pin PHILIPS Power Lead

Philips QP2530 UK 2 Pin Power shaver socket cable

GBP 17.95
Out Of Stock
QP2520 2 Pin PHILIPS Power Lead

Philips One Blade UK 2 Pin Power Lead

GBP 17.95
1 In Stock
Philips PT920 (422203924491) Charging Stand

Charging stand for PT, AT Series Philips electric shavers

GBP 14.50
1 In Stock
Philips  Basic Shaver Mains Power Lead

Philips Philishave Basic Shaver Power Lead for old models

GBP 8.95
7 In Stock
Philips PT720 Series Head Frame

Philips PowerTouch 720 replacement Head Holder Frame Unit

GBP 18.95
1 In Stock
Philips HQ6700 Coolskin Head Frame

Philips HQ6760, Coolskin Head Frame replacement unit

GBP 16.40
1 In Stock
Philips Bodygroom replacement Medium Comb

Replacement TT20** Series Medium Comb

GBP 11.95
2 In Stock
Philips Bodygroom replacement Large Comb

Replacement TT20** Series Large Comb

GBP 10.45
1 In Stock
Philips HS8000 Coolskin Plastic Head Guard

Philips HS 8000 Coolskin Plastic Cover Head Guard

GBP 8.40
1 In Stock
Philips QC  3mm - 15mm Small Comb

Replacement QC 3mm - 15mm Small Comb

GBP 11.95
9 In Stock
Philips QC  1mm - 3mm Small Precision Comb

Replacement QC 1mm - 3mm Small Precision Comb

GBP 12.95
3 In Stock
Philips PT & AT Power Touch Head Guard

Philips 422203619971 Power Touch Head Guard

GBP 9.00
2 In Stock
Philips AT/PT Series Head Plate

PhilipsAquaTouch/PowerTouch replacement Head Plate

GBP 15.75
3 In Stock
Philips HQ200/50 Jet Clean Solution Cleaning Refil

Philips HQ200/50 Jet Clean Solution Cleaning Refil

GBP 6.99
14 In Stock
Philips Philishave HQ6740/60 Coolskin Shaver Charging Stand

Philips Philishave Blue HQ6740/60 Coolskin Shaver Charging Stand

GBP 14.45
1 In Stock
Philips JC302/50 Cleaning Refil for 9000 Series Shavers

Philips JC302/50 2 Pack (for PT856 and 9000 series shavers) Cleaning Refill

GBP 17.95
Out Of Stock
Philips Philishave Lady Shave  Mains Power Lead

Philips Philishave Lady Shave, series replacement Mains Power Lead charger

GBP 15.95
9 In Stock
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81-100 101-111
Philips Replacement Spares

Buy spares for Philips shavers blades parts and chargers

Is your shaver missing the precise clean smooth cut that it should be?

Dutch-Based Philips Makes Big Name For Itself In The Rotary Electric Shaver Industry

Dutch company Philips has various products on the market, and one highly-recognized product is the Philishave. The birth of this company began in the late 19th century (1891), from the introduction of the light bulb.

However, in the second part of the 20th century, the product's sales saw a drastic decline, mainly due to the global depression.  This decline meant the company needed to come up with some new products, and because of this, electric shavers were born.  Philips product developer and Engineer Alexandre Horowitz is the one responsible for the creation of the Philishave rotary electric shaver and its spares, which many folks use today.

Philishave: From The Beginning To Now

The first Philishave razor, which was created in 1939, was shaped like a cigar and made of three bronze cutters.  However, multiple spare blades were necessary because bronze is extremely soft compared to steel. This caused the blades to rapidly become blunt.

During the mid-20th century, Philips developed the Philishave Steel beard, an immediate success because of the bigger shaving head it had. And, in 1951, the company's technology went above and beyond with the introduction of two razor heads, which gave users a smoother, quicker shave.  Less than 10 years later, Philishave released another model that could automatically  and without effort, fit on the delineation of the face.

From 1939 to 2006, in order to make a name for themselves and market its razors, Philips used the Philishave brand name. In 2008, the company started to upgrade the older series, bringing new designs to the already successful techniques together.

What You Need To Know About The Philshave Spares

  •          The razor spares must be cleaned every couple of months to ensure smooth shaving, with replacements to be done every 18 months.
  •          Particular Philishave spares can only fit to certain product models, which mean they're not easily interchangeable from model to model.
  •          Pay close attention to the HS and HQ numbers because they represent the varying shaving heads for the different models.

What Type Of Philips Razors Spares Does The Company Offer On The Market

Since Philips is a large company, the range of its electric razors and product parts is expansive. Some of their product includes: 
  •          7000 Series
  •          8000 Series
  •          RQ10
  •          HQ8
  •          HQ Series

There are number of companies that have Philips replacement razor spares, from online to offline. So, if you need to replace the main lead cable, the rotary shaving leads or the shaving condition balm, so long as it's got the Philips name on it, you're going to get quality work.

Over the last few decades, Philips has pride itself on offering superior quality production, ensuring that its parts are comprised of only the best materials. Therefore, make the purchase of Philips product and you can rest assured that your money won't be wasted.

While there are numerous electric razor manufacturers on the market, companies who produce great products with each to find and affordable spare parts. Philips will give you more bang for your buck. If you want the best shave possible, you need to seriously consider the purchase of one of the company's electric razors. 

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