Braun replacement spare foils and cutters Braun replacement spare foils and cutters Braun replacement parts for your electric shaver, Braun Foils, cutting blades and all parts to renew your shaver to peak performance
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Braun Replacement Spares

sorry this item is no longer available Braun 7030721 Series 3/Series 5/Series 7 Storage Case
Braun Brand

Braun 67030721 Series 3/Series 5/Series 7 Storage Case

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sorry this item is no longer available Braun Shaver Cleaning & Lubricating Spray Shaver spares
Braun Brand

Braun Shaver Cleaning & Lubricating Spray Shaver spares

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sorry this item is no longer available BRAUN 5000/Series 3 Foil & cutter pack 31S - Silver
Braun Brand

Braun 31S Foil & cutter pack Colour frame - Silver

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sorry this item is no longer available Braun 424 Foil  System 1-2-3 Micron Vario 3 Action
Braun Brand

Braun 424 Foil System 1-2-3 Micron Vario 3 Action

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sorry this item is no longer available Braun M60 Battery Shaver & Travel Essentials Gift Pack
Braun Brand

Fathers Day Special Braun Travel Essentials Set

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sorry this item is no longer available Braun SCR4 FreeGlider (4 Pack) Shaving Balm
Braun Brand

Braun SCR4 FreeGlider (4 Pack) Shaving Balm

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Braun Replacement Spares

Buy Braun Razor Shaver Spares Replacement Foils and Cleaning Fluid

Is your shaver missing the precise clean smooth cut that it should be?

Replacement Foils and Cutters available for your Electric Shaver. Branded spares are available to buy online here in the UK. If your 5pm shadow is becoming a 10am one, then your Braun shaver may be trying to tell you, itís time for a new foil cassette. By renewing the replacement cutting blades with genuine parts you will find your whole grooming experience becomes quicker and smoother allowing you more time in the morning.

The history of Braun.
In 1921 Braun was born. The founder was Max Braun, a German. The company originally made radio sets. Continuing into the 1930's, the brand name was officially formed with the letter ďAĒ raised, which continues to this day. Jumping to the late 1950's, Braun branched out to slide projectors. They would continue to do this for the next forty years.

Also during the 1950's, Braun produced and sold the very first electric shaver to the world. It originally was started back in 1938, but WWII prevented history to be made yet. The shaver was called the S50 and used an oscillating cutter block. Above it was a thin steel foil that actually was stable. Eighty years later, the technology is still used today in Braun shavers.

During the 1970's Braun was making home appliances including shavers. Then, in 1982, Braun became part of Gillette and today is actually owned by Procter and Gamble. They purchased Braun officially in 2005. Today, Braun is still one of the best selling men's razors in history.

You will currently find these models: Series 1, 3, 5, and 7. Series 1 will be great for beginners and low budgets. You will find a Triple Action Free Float System on the Series 3. On the Series 5, the shaver can clean itself and will even lift the hair, called an Active Lift that is guaranteed for a great shave. Series 7 will treat you as a king with an awesome shave and lots of awesome features. There is Pulsonic Technology, a personalized mode if you have sensitive skin or need a smoother shave, and flexible shaving to make sure your entire face and neck is shaved.

Braun Foil and Cutters

Braun a German company who have been in business for over 90 years and are well known for producing quality products including shaving equipment and their replacement parts.

Braun foils have a cutting block with a selection of very small knives placed just under the metallic foil and allows the raised hairs to be cut easily using smooth and even movements and is an excellent alternative to the rotary blade type of electric shaver.

What type of Braun replacement parts are available?

There are a wide and varied range of foils and cutters in their range to suit different quality electric shavers and include -

  • Contour Pro
  • Flex XP
  • Series 5
  • 3000 Series
  • 8000 Series

When you choose a product from this company, you are safe in the knowing that, they only design products and in particular electric shavers and associated parts that, will give you great results time and again and it doesn't really matter which type of shaver you invest in, as it will have their excellent workmanship behind each and every item.

In order to enjoy that perfect close shave with your electric shaver, it's crucial to make an investment in a product which ticks all of the required boxes and with Braun, you are always guaranteed the perfect close shave from a company who are synonymous for producing quality.

There is certainly no shortage of electric shavers in the marketplace to choose from and some offer a decent and reasonably close shave, but for excellent quality and a smooth finish the superb range of Braun are certainly worth serious consideration.

All Braun shavers are electric shavers.
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"this is a very good product,and the service is very good,but they are not as sharp as the original rotor heads,as iv now had 2 off you,and the original lasted 8 yrs,but still very happy"

mr m warwick

"I ordered a replacement shaver head for an elderly friend. It arrived very promptly, is now fitted and works immaculately. My only quibble would be the minute printing on the instructions!"

Philippa Ling

"Parts arrived within 24 hours, in perfect condition and I got a discount for buying two at once, Will be sure to order again due to the excellent customer service."


"The deterioration of the shaver cutters is slow, so that it is only when fitting new ones that I discovered how blunt the old ones had in fact become. It is great to get a quick close shave once again!"

Jeremy Arnold

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