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Published: 12/11/2017 22:15:53

ROZAR Shaver Spares Brand, reliable cost effective shaver spare replacement parts.

Back in 2014 it became apparent that the price of replacement electric shaver parts had increased to the point that many customers were reluctant to renew these and considered instead replacing the complete shaver. This would not be an environmentally friendly course of action as most shavers contain some form of rechargeable battery that, if disposed of into land fill, will have a detrimental effect on the environment.

As a Company specialising in the replacement parts industry we wanted to see both how good and how cost effective a compatible range of replacement foils and cutters would sit along our current selection of genuine parts from various manufacturers. We spoke to a number of manufacturers in the Far East and finally decided on one main manufacture to supply our complete range of shaver spares branded parts. We started with just some of the Philips RQ and HQ series but soon added some Braun and Remington.

At the date of writing, the Brand ROZAR has become very popular, primarily on the cost savings achieved over buying a genuine part and we are now supplying over 500 sets a month to Customer across the UK and Europe.

The shaver spares brand has a very distinctive box design which was created for us from a graphic design team in India. We selected the orange logo using a shaver shape and silver-orange title as this was clear and distinctive against a white background. All products show a unique bar code and details on the side of the box to denounce the model compatibility.

Every product in the brand uses the same design so that conformability is the same and customers can recognise the correct part offered by Electrospares.Net Ltd.

In 2016 we added some compatible electric shaver charging leads as customers had indicated a reluctance to pay the RRP for original charging leads. Philips, Braun and Remington have been added to the range.

Below is a small list of some available compatible Shaver Spares branded products.

Mains charging electric shaver leads:-
Braun Shavers Cruzer,Contour,Smart Control 3 Pin Charger
Compatible Philips 3 Pin UK Mains Charger Lead
Remington Compatible Shaver 3 pin Mains AC Charger

Philips category of shaver spare branded range

Best selling Braun
SP94 Compatible Foil & Cutter Pack for Remington

All of the Shaver Spares Brand are available to purchase from shaver-spares.co.uk, ebay  and Amazon here in the United Kingdom.

All compatible parts are supplied with a full 30 days warranty against manufacturing defects and to offer peace of mind. As the brand develops we hope to add more products to give all our customers the choice of great value for money when renewing their electric shaver.

The shaver spares brand of products is currently going through the process of obtaining a Trade Mark to both protect the rights of the owner (Electrospares.Net Ltd) and customers who have grown to support the branded parts.

Unfortunately we have already found on numerous occasions listings of our branded shaver spares parts being sold by other sellers who have copied our images and description but who are not selling the same parts as manufactured solely for us.

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