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Braun & Panasonic Stock Shortage

Braun & Panasonic Stock Shortage

Published: 13/01/2017 20:58:42

Why these replacement shaver heads are not available Braun 70s & 52b also Panasonic WES9027Y?

A quick update on the spare parts not currently available. Braun has had a production issue relating to both the part numbers 70s and 52b. Often the manufacturing facility will change the design slightly to allow for compatibility with the current series and also a newer series of electric shaver soon to be launched. Although projection of sales and demand are done for maintaining adequate stock levels all too often they run out of stock before the newly updates design comes of the production line. The tooling for the Braun parts is extremely complex due to the cutting blades being an integral part of the cassette. The advantage for you the end user is the replacement parts are very easy to change. Literally you just pull off the old head cassette unit and clip on the new one. The latest update from Braun is both parts will be available towards the end of this month January 2017.

Panasonic have also had a production issue with the part number WES9027Y. This has caused issues due to this one part being one of most sold. We have not been privy to what the issue is however have been told more stock will be arriving here into the United Kingdom towards the end of January 2017. Depending on the time the stock is held at customs we would hope to have WES9027y back in stock to sell by the first week in February.

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Braun 70s
Braun 52b
Panasonic WES9027Y