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Just the replacement foil

Just the replacement foil

Published: 12/03/2017 10:29:27

Just the replacement foil only

When should you consider just replacing a foil screen, When the cutting blades are still sharp or the unit supports a self sharpening blade, most electric shavers will have self sharpening blades that grind up against the inside of the foil and are kept sharp as long as the mesh is intact.

We receive many calls from customers who have inadvertently knocked their shaver unit while shaving or it has been dropped and more often while trying to clean out the debris from inside the razor. The foil screen is made up of a thin stainless steel mesh that is prone to damage if knocked as it will dent all too easily and then when placed back onto the shaver the cutting block will grind up through where the indent is and cause a hole to appear. Once this has happened there is no repair option but a replacement foil will need to be purchased.

Normally the first time you will know something is wrong is when you notice a small scratch appear on your face, do not continue to shave as this will cause several small legions across the face. A quick short term remedial fix is to place a small piece of selotape across the area of the hole on the screen and this will allow you to continue to shave until your new replacement foil arrives.

Which manufactures support just the replacement foil unit only?
Panasonic offer replacement foils for most of their models of electric shavers.
Remington offers some models within their range only.
Braun we have sourced a number of foil units but these are a Shaver Spares UK brand
Philips does not offer a foil only replacement as the cutting discs are ground with the foil during manufacturing.

Foil only parts for Panasonic:- WES9011, 9061, 9063, 9065, 9077, 9081, 9165, 9161, 9085, 9087, 9173, 9171, 9167, 9835, 9089, 9941, 9753, 9837.

Foil only Remington:- SP67, SP93, SP120, SP122, SP250, SP280, SP85, RBL4012, SP-FDf, SP-FTf, SP-FFDf.

Foil Only Braun Compatible Part:- 51b, 30b, 10b, 20s, 660, 524, 410, 586, 5235, 5S,

Philips do not supply the foil unit on there own but in some cases the replacement head can be a better options for the RQ10, RQ12 Series of shaving unit.

We would not recommend replacing just the foil is the blades have not been changed for many years as the resulting shave would be poor and stubble would still remain showing in places across the face. Also if your daily grooming routine is starting to take longer than normal then this would also indicate that the cutting block is starting to fail. A classic knowledge of this is when they is still singes of growth showing around the chin and throat area.
As a final thought when every foils or both parts are changed there is a period of approximately six shaves before the newly installed parts become bedded in and start to work in unison resulting in a clean close shave.

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