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Philips RQ12/60 Replacement Shaving Head for Series 9000, Senso Touch 3D

Genuine UK Philips RQ12/60 Replacement Shaving Head for Senso Touch 3D / Arcitec

  • Philips shaver series 9000 Sensotouch 3D, RQ12XX and Arcitec RQ10XX; replaces RQ10/50 and RQ12/50
  • For optimum shaving performance, we recommend that you replace the shaving head every 2 years
  • Easy to replace, thanks to "click off, click on" system
  • Reset your razor and it will recognise that the shaving head has been replaced.
  • Ultra Track shaving heads, contour recognition, Aquatec Wet & Dry
  • Replace your entire shaving head to reset your shaving performance to new
  • Cuts 20% more hair in a single stroke
  • Contour detect technology flexes in 8 different directions for exceptional coverage
  • V-Track system guide hairs into the best cutting position for the closest result
  • Simple click off, click on replacement system

This is the Philips SensoTouch 3D shaving heads S9000 [RQ12/60]
Change heads every 2 years for the best results.

This item is suitable for the following:-

    RQ1260/17, RQ1280/17, RQ1280/22, RQ1250/17, RQ1261/17, RQ1275/17, RQ1251/22, RQ1290
    RQ1280, RQ1275, RQ1280/17, RQ1280/22,

    RQ1095, RQ1095,  RQ1095/21, RQ1095/22, RQ1090, RQ1090/03, RQ1090/19, RQ1090/20,

    RQ1090/22, RQ1090/40, RQ1085, RQ1085, RQ1085/21, RQ1085/22, RQ1075, RQ1075/21

    RQ1075/22, RQ1075/23, RQ1060, RQ1060/16, RQ1060/19, RQ1060/20, RQ1060/22, RQ1060/40

    RQ1051, RQ1051/18, RQ1051/28, RQ1050/15, RQ1050/16, RQ1050/17, RQ1050/18, RQ1050/29
    S9031/26, S9041/12, S9111/43,

Philips Philishave Models
Need a close shave with the 3D triple blade Philips RQ12 rotary cutting head, complete head frame and blades to renew your grooming experience.
  RQ12+ V-Track Precision Blades


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