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Shaving Spare Parts and Accessories

Is your shaver missing the precise clean smooth cut that it should be?


How Spare Parts Can Lengthen The Effectiveness Of Electric Shavers

Whenever a person goes shopping for food, clothes, household items, gas and whatever else, their wallet gets a huge sting because of the ever-increasing prices. And, this is why many people, when they're making a serious investment, want something that will last them for a long time. This is particularly true of shavers.

Once somebody finds the kind of shaver that fits best for their needs, they're not likely to purchase a new one each time it no longer works as it should. Rather, they'll invest in spare parts to fix their beloved razor.

Now, there are all kinds of razors available on the market, each one comprised of delicate parts that, when used on a consistent basis, can lead to wear and tear. The problem is the cost, most electric shavers tend to have a price range of 50 to 100 pounds, which makes it affordable most people to easily replace.

This is why manufacturers have created spare parts to replace the defective part, in the end, not forcing the customer to purchase a brand new shaver. And, even more important, is this: with the availability of spare parts, companies are more likely to keep customers when they do decide to purchase another one. After all, if a customer must purchase another razor, they may opt for another brand altogether. And, if they like a particular brand, they're less likely to try another one.

This is why it's necessary to manufacture spare parts for shavers.

What Are The Spare Parts Necessary For Shavers

When it comes to spare parts, it's important to have the following available:

Main cords
Replacement heads

With spare parts, a person can continue using their device and save a bundle, investing the money toward fixing their razor instead of throwing it.It's a smart investment really spending a couple of pounds or so can mean a lot for both customer and manufacturer.

3 Key Suggestions To Maintain Your Electric Shaver

Okay, so you've got an electric razor, and to ensure that it continues working properly, you need to clean it on a regular basis. With a consistent cleaning routine, you lengthen the lifespan of the device and ensure it gives the same quality shave you've always had.

Replace Old Cutters

Old cutters will cut down on the effectiveness of the razor. Therefore, they should be replaced every 18 months, which will make the device look and feel like new.

Clean Out The Head

In order for your shaver to stay in tip-top shape, you need implement a maintenance routine for it. Be sure you remove the head and blow the accumulated dust and debris out of it using a trash bin. Or, rinse the dust and debris from it. This simple method ensures longevity for the shaver. This maintenance should be done after several shavings. By cleaning the heads out, you lengthen the product's lifetime.

Clean The Foils

When it comes to the foils, you should remove them first before commencing on any kind of cleaning. Put your attention on the inner cutting-blade part of the device. When brushing near the foil, you must be delicate, as they can become damaged fairly easily. In fact, many people don't realize how delicate they are. A big reason for foils to fail is the dents that arise from the cleaning or storage processes.

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"the foil head keeps splitting after two or three months i have a very soft beard and i am an old age penshioner and have cancer and i need this razor as it is easer for me to shave and 17. every three month out of my penshion"

malcolm scott

"Excellent service although the design of the foil head seems to have changed slightly from the original and tends to come out of the fitting."

Chris Freeman

"The product came on time and fitted the bill perfectly. Well done to the Company"

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"Excellent service with spares arriving within 24hrs of ordering. Certainly use this service again."


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