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Rozar Cleaning Solution 500ml Bottle
Rozar Brand

Rozar CAS2CC Shaver Head Cleaning Agent Solution Bottle 500ml

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Shaver Head Wash Bath High Frequency Vibration Cleaning
Rozar Brand

Rozar CAS2 Shaver Head Wash Bath High Frequency Vibration Cleaning

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Compatible Philips  RQ12 SensoTouch 3D Triple  Rotary Cutting Heads
Rozar Brand

A Compatible Philips RQ12/60 Senso Touch 3D Triple Pack Rotary Cutting Heads

£24.95 £19.95 (Save 20%)
40 In Stock
Electric Shaver Wall Storage Stand
Rozar Brand

Shaving Stainless Steel Bathroom Wall Bracket Stand

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Rozar replacement 5 blades head
Rozar Brand

Rozar replacement 5 blades head unit complete to fit Roz5H

24 In Stock
Rozar replacement 3 blades Foil Cutter
Rozar Brand

Rozar replacement 3 blades head unit for Rozar 3 Blades Foil Electric shaver

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2 x Basic Cleaning Shaver Brushes
Rozar Brand

Shaver Brushes, Cleaning brush for Electric shavers

Buy 1: £2.95 Each
Buy 2: £2.45 Each
Buy 3+: £2.10 Each
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shaver-spares mains plug 3 pin to 2 pin converter adaptor

shaver-spares mains plug 3 pin from 2 pin converter power adaptor

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Shaver Head Wash Bath High Frequency Vibration Cleaning
Rozar Brand

Rozar CAS2 Shaver Head Wash Bath High Frequency Vibration Cleaning

In Stock

Electric Shaver Spare Parts

Electric Shaver Spare Parts

An electric shaver is one of the incredible grooming tools to invest in if you care about your facial hair and day to day grooming at home. Electric shavers UK are the in-thing among many people since their advent many years ago. The available shaver designs come at budget-friendly prices and much easy to use.

A key benefit of buying an electric shaver is that it is a tool you can carry around anytime, anywhere. You just need to shove your shaver inside your bag, and you can use it whenever in need. Hence, you will have a personal item by your side when travelling or on a trip.

Significantly, a dead battery should not be a big deal. You can always have your shaver charger in place and connected to your charging system ready for use. The latest shaver models in the market are easy to charge, and it will take five minutes charge.

Get the Best Electric Shave Spares Hassle-free

Whenever you feel that you need to upgrade your electric shavers, donít have any reservations finding the best spare parts. We have a wide collection of high-quality spare parts that will, without a doubt, meet your needs.

The key facet we focus on when providing our customer top-notch replacement parts is the different electric shaver brands we have in store. You can visit us at Shaver Spares and decide to pick a Braun, Remington, Panasonic, or Philips shaver. Then proceed to choose the spare parts that you need.

We have incredible shaver replacement parts that you will fall in love with, ranging from shaver charger UK to a shaver cutter. Other parts you can get from our stores include:

Shave replacement head.

Clean and renew cartridge refills.

     Shave foil replacement

Shaver cutter replacements

Shaver chargers 

And many more. We ensure that all the spare parts we provide are of the highest quality, thus providing our customers with an efficient and reliable shaving experience. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today and get your hands on the best shaver replacement parts! Itís fun to work with us all year long. Besides having all you need in stock, we also promise a very quick delivery service, and our products are top-quality.

Are you tired of your electric shaver not running like it used to? It may just be time for some replacement accessory items! Luckily, there are a variety of spare parts available for a range of brands including Braun, Philips, Panasonic, Remington, Whal, and Rozar. Whether you need a new blade, foil, or trimmer head, these spare parts can help revive your shaver back to its prime. So, instead of tossing out your old shaver and spending a fortune on a new one, consider checking out these replacement options to get your shaver working like new again.

Accessory items for shavers.
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"The replacement foil was a snug fit on the shaver and afterwards the shave was as good as the previous one. All I could have asked for and it came quite promptly by mail."

Paraic Shiel

"The goods ordered were excellent and the next day delivery was first class."

Mrs Mc TUrk

"Lost lead replaced within one working day. Other web sites were not clear regarding whether the item was compatible but Shaver Spares provided all the necessary information and clear photos. Perfect."


"An amazingly efficient service. I ordered the shaver heads the day before an dthey arrived in the post the following day. I fully recommend this firm."


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