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Electric Shavers

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The world today thrives on various technologies, and with its variety comes various options to choose from as well. The same goes for Shavers. One needs to know a bit about various shaver parts in order to make the right choice before buying a good shaver.

There are two major classifications of shavers in terms of genders, as the shaver parts are different for both men and women. Men usually use shavers to shave their face, which generally have tough and coarse hair, while women usually shave under their arms and on their legs, where the hair is a lot softer and finer. Thus, both have different types of shaver parts and it is important to not get confused with that.

Apart from this classification, there are two basic types of shavers, one is the rotary shaver and the other is a foil shaver.

One of the rotary shaver parts is its three rotary blades, each covered by a foil. These foils are attached with springs that enable the shaver to flex according to the contours of the face or legs or underarms.

The other type of the shaver called the foil shaver has thinner and delicate foils along just one set of blade. These often give a softer and smoother shaving experiences than the rotary ones as the foils are thinner, which results in better contact with the skin.

Most modern electric shavers operate on batteries, as people need mobility and convenience of saving their time. This also is very cost efficient. Thus, having a long lasting life and efficient consumption along with quick charging system is one of the most essential electric shaver parts.

As mentioned in the start of this article, there is a lot of variety in technologies especially due to the competitive market. Thus there are various shaver parts that are specially designed by companies to make their shaver stand out amongst other similar products.

The History Of Electric Shavers

Electric shavers have come a long way since the initial shaver over 80 years ago, which was invented by Col. Jacob Schick and then further developed by the Remington Rand business.

Electric shavers normally work with a DC motor, which powers the rotating blade either by batteries or mains electricity. The whole idea of the electric shaver is to offer an alternative to the conventional razor and the need for water or shaving cream. It was a ground breaking invention and gives people the chance of a dry shave for quickness and offers another excellent option.

Advancements in electric shaving technology have allowed for wet shaves and have made the process of cleaning the products much easier. There has also been a continued demand for rechargeable electric shavers over the past four decades for more convenient use and is also better for the environment due to the reduction of disposable battery usage. The more modern rechargeable types use lithium-ion batteries, which offer more functionality with advanced memory storage as opposed to the older nickel-cadium types.

What type of electric shavers are there?

There are quite a few types in the marketplace that come with a selection of impressive features and include -

  • Braun
  • Gillette
  • Norelco
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Remington
  • Wahl

With so many companies fighting it out for a share in the marketplace, it's little wonder that, they have developed a wide and varied range of electric shaving products for both men and women.

Personal grooming is also big business now and most of the leading companies have products to address these issues including men's hair shaving and grooming kits with different attachments to suit individual requirements and ladies battery powered shavers specifically for the legs and body.

As society changes, so do the requirements of the public and our electric shaving and personal grooming needs have changed dramatically over the past decade or so. All of the leading companies are fully aware of what's happening and our continued strive to look our best and they develop products, which not only make our appearance better, but it also looks at the best ways, in which to simplify the process in how we achieve the desired results using the best shaving tools in the marketplace.

There is a wide and varied selection of electric shavers and grooming kits, which give an example of the functionality and how things have developed in modern times.

You will never be stuck for choice when it comes to electric shavers or grooming kits for men and women, as there are numerous items in the marketplace, which can give you the clean and desired look without all of the previous difficulties from years gone by. The leading companies now have a strong emphasis on giving you products, which are not only faster and easier to control, but with easy to find replacement parts and optional attachments for that perfect shaving and grooming experience.

Companies like Remington who have been in business for over 70 years have been at the cutting edge of shaving technology and continually strive to bring you the latest electric shaving products designed specifically with the user in mind and to give you a memorable shaving experience. They certainly know a thing or two when it comes to innovation and giving people what they require to achieve that perfect look.

Some of the latest shaving and grooming products in the market have replacement parts, which give the user more options and better alternatives and will only add to the experience that, you have with your chosen product.

  • Electric Shavers by Philips - With this sophisticated electric shaver you can get parts which include replacement heads for various models including the HQ167 and the SensoTouch 3D models and you are recommend by the manufacturer to replace your shaving heads once every 12 months for maximum performance.
  • Wahl Shaving and Grooming - This company are not only proven in the shaving field, but are well known for the grooming kits and have a selection of parts including replacement heads for the 4000 and 7000 series of shavers and various additional attachments for their grooming kits.

Before you rush out and buy your next electric shaver or grooming kit, there are several questions that, you should address and what you really need and want from your product prior to making your purchase.

Do you want a wet or dry shaving facility?

Is your preference with mains or battery operation?

What features do you require from your electric shaver?

Can you get replacement parts easily?

Do you have a preferred brand?

What price range are you looking for?

Everyone has different needs with regards to electric shaving and grooming and people can be drawn by the make, features or price, it just depends on the individual and what their buying priorities are. One thing for sure is that, you'll never be stuck for choice in this particular marketplace and the technology involved in modern electric shavers and grooming kits, is at superb levels and the main companies are continually developing innovative products to give the best possible shaving and grooming

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