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News Reviews and Updates

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The Finest Trimmers for a Finesse Face: Where to Find the Best Buy Beard Trimmers

Welcome to this blog post, in which we will be discussing the best buy beard trimmers available on the market. If you're looking for the perfect trimmer to achieve a finesse face or to keep your beard looking neat and tidy, then you've come to the right place. Here, we will discuss what you need to look for in a trimmer and which brands are the most reliable, so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your trimmer. So, with no further ado, let's dive in and take a look at the best buy beard trimmers for a finesse face!

Article Posted: 02/12/2023 19:51:34

Plug In Your Shaver with USB Charger in the Bathroom

Plugging in your shaver with a USB charger in the bathroom shaver sockets is becoming a popular choice. If you're tired of having to remember to bring two pin sockets with you to charge your shaver, you'll be happy to know that you can now just use a USB charger cable instead. This is a simple and safe way to charge your shaver and another bonus is that you can leave it plugged in the USB socket, even if you're away from the house for a few days.

Article Posted: 22/11/2023 12:21:36

Beard and Moustache Perfect Appearance

As a man, the perfect appearance isn’t complete without a perfected Beard and Moustache combination. Looking your best takes effort and determination to maintain facial hair, while also ensuring your beard and moustache still reflect your character and bring out your personality.

Article Posted: 18/11/2023 20:09:23

Why does everyone seem to misspell Philips

On search results we find the most common mistakes are Philps and Phlips also phillips is another popular mis-spelling.

Article Posted: 28/10/2023 18:49:52

Harmony with Your Razor: Finding Compatible Old Shaver Spares

Electric mains Shavers from the 1920 to 1980 the below models are now just too old for us to be able to supply parts for they have come to be totally obsolete, however there still seem to be a market for collectors whom purchase these from places like the auction sites eBay.

Article Posted: 22/10/2023 12:51:49

Getting the Perfect Shave: Philips Bodygroom TT2000/43 Replacement Blade

If you're looking for a replacement blade for your Philips Bodygroom TT2000/43, then you needn't look any further. Philips is renowned for its high quality products, and the Bodygroom TT2000/43 replacement blade is certainly no exception. Developed with precision technology, the blade maintains its sharpness every time, offering you a close and comfortable shave. And to top it off, Philips blades are easy to attach and change. So if you want to get the perfect shave, then Philips is the way to go.

Article Posted: 15/10/2023 13:47:27

Feel the Difference with Braun Replacement Heads for Epilators

Braun White Shaving Head Replacement Silk Epil 5, 7 and 9 Epilator

Article Posted: 08/10/2023 09:12:54

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Shaver Head

Tips For Seeking the Perfect Shaver Head How to Get the Most Out of Your Shaver Head The Pros & Cons of Investing in a Shaver Head The Benefits of a Quality Shaver Head Clean & Easy: The Best Practices to Keep Your Shaver Head in Top Condition How To Assemble a Quality Shaver Head Quality Shaver Heads: What to Look For Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Shaver Head Essential Advice for Maintaining Your Shaver Head

Article Posted: 13/08/2023 14:26:52

The Evolution of Electric Shaver Head

Electric shavers have come a long way since their invention in the early 20th century. As technology has advanced, so have the cutting mechanisms and heads that sit at the heart of every electric shaver. The most common types of shaver heads today are foil and rotary, but within these categories there are many variations to suit different needs and preferences.

Article Posted: 08/07/2023 19:19:00

A Complete Guide to the Braun Series 9 Electric Razor Generations & Different Cassette Part Numbers

Are you in search of the perfect electric razor that provides a comfortable and smooth shaving experience? Look no further than the Braun Series 9 electric razor. This remarkable device has undergone various developments over the years, introducing newer and better features that make it a top choice for men seeking a close and comfortable shave. In this complete guide, we will explore the different Braun Series 9 razor generations and their compatible cassettes.

Article Posted: 24/04/2023 17:50:14

Best electric shavers - Ask the experts in the Industry Shaver Spares UK

Are you in the market for a new electric shaver and want to find the best one? Shopping for an electric shaver can be overwhelming, so it's helpful to have some guidance along the way. If you're looking for reliable information about all of your shaving options, look no further

Article Posted: 27/03/2023 18:12:52

What is a Shaver Cassette

Are there any disadvantages to new style cassettes

Article Posted: 07/12/2022 19:47:51

Changing from wet shave to Electric Shaving

Having wet shaved for years What to Choose in an electric shaver – Foil Screen or Rotary Razors.

Article Posted: 05/03/2022 18:42:17

Beard Styles And Grooming Tips

Beard Styles And Grooming Tips This article gives you a list of some of the beard styles you can choose from and how to take care of your beards.

Article Posted: 07/07/2020 18:54:35

What is the difference between shaver head and shaver foil

Published: 16/05/2020 10:13:00 What is the difference between shaver head and shaver foil

Article Posted: 16/05/2020 09:42:26

Remington Foil Shaver versus Philip Rotary Shavers

Remington Foil Shaver versus Philip Rotary Shavers, how do the two very different technology's compare and why is one better than the other for certain types of grooming.

Article Posted: 20/04/2020 08:10:33

Philips shaver and cleaning process

Philips shaver and cleaning process, replacement shaver parts

Article Posted: 14/03/2020 13:13:09

Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Toothbrushes

Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Toothbrushes?

Article Posted: 05/02/2020 12:01:19

Whats new from Philips shaver heads OneBlade

Everything that you need to know about the Philips OneBlade

Article Posted: 31/08/2019 15:37:08

Choosing An Electric Shaver

How to buy the perfect electric shaver, rotary razor or foil type system

Article Posted: 28/07/2019 13:21:02

Is my shaver under warrenty

Braun products within the 2 year manufacturer warranty period Panasonic Warranty Shavers - 2 year Exchange Warranty. Philips warranties are usually between 12 and 24 month depending on the product you own. Remington Warranty period Shavers - 2 years Parts & Labour.

Article Posted: 27/06/2019 08:57:42

Better to Repair Your Shaver

Published: 25/03/2017 13:13:06 Why It’s Better to Repair Your Shaver than Buy a New One

Article Posted: 25/04/2019 08:38:26

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Article Posted: 05/07/2010 01:00:01

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