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Remington Foil Shaver versus Philip Rotary Shavers

Remington Foil Shaver versus Philip Rotary Shavers

Forget about a lengthy article. This short and straight-to-the-point comparison is here to enable you to make a buying decision. Whether you are new to electric shaving or you want to explore other shaving brands, you are about to gain from this guide.
First, you need to grab something general about foil as well as rotary shavers. Then, we’ll compare the two brands. Here, we focus on the differences and similarities between the two giant brands.


A foil shaver is one with an oscillating blade. When using a foil shaver, for instance, the Remington shaver foil, you shave in a straight line. This may mean vertically or horizontally.
On the other hand, a rotary shaver is one with a round head. The shaver works in a circular motion. For this reason, the shaver comfortably works on all contours.

Outstanding Features

Remington Foil Shaver
They come in various forms. For example, the X-series, Remington F5-5800 and many more. Most of these shavers possess:

o   A flex and a pivot technology: crucial for precision during shaving.

o   2 close-cut blades: to provide extra smoothness during shaving.

o   Main or rechargeable battery: when fully charged, you can use the LED battery for about 60 minutes.

o   A slip that is ant-grip: improves comfort and control during shaving.

o   A trimmer (mostly titanium coated): to enable attention to styling.

The above modifications allow you to experience a closer and more precise shave.

Philips Rotary Shavers
Most of these shavers:

o   possess a tilting head: to ease circular shaving.

o   contain an anti-friction head: to smoothen shaving as well as provide easy feel on the face.

o   blades remain some mm to your skin: you can shave to certain lengths as well as in small circles.

o   Work on both wet and dry skins.

o   a replaceable beard trimmer: to improve the styling of your shave. Among the Philip shaver spares, you can get a new copy of the beard trimmer. Again, there are Philips razor spares to choose from.

Most of these modifications suit Philips rotary shavers to shaving long facial hair. Nevertheless, a closer shave is less possible as it is with the Remington foil shaver. The availability of Philips shaver spares is a plus sign if you want to replace the worn-out trimmers.


o   A speedy shave is possible in both. However, Remington shaver foil is faster than the circular shaver head of the Philips rotary shavers.

o   Both fail to tolerate ingrown hairs.

o   Both possess rechargeable batteries.

o   Both provide a clean shave though a Remington foil shaver provides a closer shave.

Final Verdict

Don’t be stranded on the brand to choose from. Considering the speed, closeness, and angle of shaving, deciding between Remington foil shaver or Philip rotary shavers should be easy. Now, you have the power to stick to a brand that serves you best. Better still, buying spares that suit you should be simpler than before. It is your turn to go for what serves you best.

Article Posted: 20/04/2020 08:10:33

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