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Philips shaver and cleaning process

Philips shaver and cleaning process
Published: 14/03/2020 10:54:22

Questions re: Philips shaver and cleaning process

I have in my possession from my fatherís Philips HQ6849 & HQ6990 electric shavers with razor attachment. I was considering using them as they were newer/better than my Philips 550 and my Philips Philishave 2405. I have since learnt from the internet that it might not be safe or hygienic to use his shaver(s) and their razor attachment. Could you give me your opinion on this please? I have found on your website that you stock replacement rotary cutting heads Click here to see that could be used (but could not see replacement razor attachment). Finally, if it is necessary to replace rotary cutting heads would you recommend cleaning the outer plastic-like surface that each of the 3 rotary cutters/foil sits within (as this might contain germs, bacteria, dirt?) and if so how to clean/what to wipe with.

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Shaver Spares Suggestions for Sanitation 

Our advice would be first to strip down the shaver head into its three main components. The head frame will pop up if you press the button just below the head frame in the front top part of the razor. You may need to remove the plastic head guard cover first. Once the head frame has opened up you can remove this by pulling up away from the razor. Now you can clean inside the shaver with any small shaver brushes. Be careful not to damage the three drive shafts that protrude up.

The head frame complete with foils, cutting blades and head plate should first be immersed in warm/hot soaping water and swilled around to remove most excess debris. A good tip is to then leave the head frame in the hot soapy water for a further twenty minutes to allow for any hard cased on stubble to lift. Now repeat the first part by changing the water for fresh warm water and again give a good swirl around.

If after this process there is still signs of dirt or hair follicles within the head frame you can remove the head plate by turning anti clockwise. This will then allow you to remove the head plate and now you have the option of removing each one of the three foil/cutter blades. The cutting blades are very delicate so take care with cleaning these. Also try and keep each cutting blade in the foil it was in as they tend to get ground in together and mixing them up can deteriorate the cutting performance. Once you are happy with the cleaning process, the shaver head can be re assembled and then left in a solution of Dettol or any household antiseptic cleaning solution to make sure all potential germs are removed. Finally rinse of the head frame and place somewhere to dry. Ideally the unit should be completely dry before you start to use.

Regular cleaning of the electric shaver will make sure it performs better with your grooming requirements. Most mid tear range of shavers now come with the option of having an automatic cleaning system. This allows you to place the shaver into a cleaning station after use and it runs through a cycle of processes to make sure the shaver is completely clean prior to your next shave.

If you do require a replacement or spare Philips shaver charger 2 pin socket cable these are available.

Article Posted: 14/03/2020 13:13:09

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