Is my shaver under warrenty Is my shaver under warrenty Why has my electric shaver stopped working? How to determine the fault and find the correct solution to the problem
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Is my shaver under warrenty

Is my shaver under warrenty

Q. Why has my electric shaver stopped working?

There are three main reasons an electric shaver can suddenly stop working, the first is the shaver socket it gets plugged into, shaver two pin sockets can break as the have a converter built in and if this fails then the socket on the wall will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is the one part often overlook when investigating why the shaver will no longer turn on.  So, the first investigation should be to try another socket.

The second reason and often the most likely is the mains lead it-self, these can easily become damaged due to excess stretching and also allowing the cable to twist and knot. Braun replacement parts offer six different charging cables so make sure you know your model number before you purchase a replacement cable. The mains charger cable carries electricity and, on most types, has a converter built into the end that plugs into the wall. Any slight damage to the lead will cause the converter to fail / blow and render the lead useless. Most people do not have a spare shaver lead to try, so the decision has to be taken will it resolve the problem. On-line stores like will allow a customer to post back a charger lead after purchase if it turns out the fault was not the mains cable charging lead.

A third reason that your Electric shaver will not turn on is if the rechargeable batteries have failed, on modern shavers this is very rare however a failure of the motor is not so and again unless the shaver can be returned to a service centre for inspection you will not know for sure. One way to try and drill down if this is the case would be to see if your shaver has an LCD display or a charging light. If you are getting lights or displays showing on the shaver this points to it not being the shaver socket or mains lead and then most likely option will be a failed drive motor. Before writing of the unit, check it has been cleaned of all facial hair from within so that the blades can run smoothly over the foil. We have found in some instances that electric shavers not regally cleaned can build up too much hair that the whole head frame becomes clogged and over time puts extra strain on the drive gears and motor.

Finally, most of the shaver manufactures in the UK offer more than one year of guarantee on their products so it is worth checking to see when the product was purchased. Check in the user manual as this information is often printed.

One final though if you find yourself with a broken non-working electric rechargeable shaver and do not know how to go about finding a shaver repair service centre give Shaver-Spares a call on 01733 666688 who will be happy to try and resolve your problem.

Braun products within the 2-year manufacturer warranty period
Panasonic Warranty Shavers  2-year Exchange Warranty.

Philips warranties are usually between 12 and 24 months depending on the product you own.

Remington Warranty period Shavers - 2 years Parts & Labour.

Article Posted: 27/06/2019 08:57:42

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