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What is a Shaver Cassette

What is a Shaver Cassette?

Most new Electric shaver heads are now manufactured as cassette units, this is where both the foil mesh covers and cutting blades are embedded into one fixed unit. The advantage of this is a much easier process for fitting the new replacement head as there is no fiddly locking rings or trying to attach separate cutting blades onto small drive rods. A cassette can be fitted in seconds both taking off and replacing onto the shaver body.

Are there any disadvantages to new style cassettes?

The biggest challenge becomes apparent when trying to clean out the head and removing all the facial debris.  As the blades are located high inside the unit, you cannot get a brush into these areas. 
Another problem we hear from customer feedback is smell. An unpleasant smell can originate from skin and face oils being trapped inside the cassette.

How can you properly clean a cassette so its hygienic and wont smell?

Some manufactures like Braun, Philips and Panasonic will include complete cleaning stations when you purchase the shaver however these tend to only be on the very top of the range shavers. Then you are also faced with having to purchase that brands cleaning fluid which is an ongoing cost.

Another solution is to purchase a slim line mini ultrasonic cleaning station like the RoZar CAS2 which is small, lightweight and runs on a couple of AAA batteries, It’s a quick and easy cleaning process that can be done daily or weekly just by adding some warm water and a little standard antibacterial hand soap / washing up liquid onto the cassette and then left to soak for a few minutes then a final sonic clean for a few more minutes. The de-cavitation process work to “scrub” the part clean of oil, dirt, debris and oxidation. With the RoZar CAS2 you have the ability to get into the tiniest of nooks and crannies where bodily hair and grime hide, and then imagine scrubbing that surface ultra clean. With conventional cleaning – brushes, cotton buds and water – this task seems impossible. But the cavitating cleaning action of an ultrasonic cleaning system does just that – It goes where brush bristles cannot reach.

Instruction to use the RoZar CAS2

 1.       Add some Pre-Clean CAS2 liquid or hand soap onto the unit to be cleaned.

 2.       Allow the item to be left to soak for at least five minutes, this is important so that grease and oils have a chance to become broken down

 3.       Place the desired amount of warm / hot water into the cleaning tank.

 4.   Run the sonication to create a high energy ultrasonic de-cavitation process in the solution. Time is optional however we recommend at least 180 seconds.

 5.   Remove item from cleaning tank and run under a flowing tap both top and bottom of unit, rinsing off any soap solution and removed dirt, debris and oxidation.

 6.   Place the cleaned Shaver spare foil, cutter cassette onto a piece of kitchen roll and allow to dry out naturally for a few hours before replacing onto the shaver body.

 7.   Empty contents of cleaning tank down the sink, being careful not to get water in the bottom battery compartment. Wipe out with some tissue paper and store away.