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A Complete Guide to the Braun Series 9 Electric Razor Generations & Different Cassette Part Numbers

The Braun Series 9 razor comes in four different generations, each with unique features that set it apart from the others. These generations include the original Series 9 (90xx), the 2016 Series 9 (92xx), the 2019 Series 9 (93xx), and the latest 2022 Series 9 Pro (94xx).

Each generation comes with an original cassette that is compatible with all other cassettes in that generation. For example, the original 90xx comes with the 90s/90b cassette, the 92xx comes with the 92s/92b cassette, the 93xx comes with the 92s/92b/92M cassette, and the 94xx comes with the 94s/94M cassette.

The letter at the end of the cassette model name (S, B, and M) refers only to the color of the foil frame (Silver, Black and Matte silver, respectively). However, you’ll notice a significant difference in the latest 94s/94M cassette found in the 2021 Series 9 Pro. The trimmer was completely redesigned, giving it improved performance and results.

Although the original 90xx shavers feature cassettes that have been updated on the newer generations, reports show that the shaving performance of the old (90s/90b) and updated cassettes (92s/92b/92M) is similar.

With the latest 94S/94M cassette, the trimmer was redesigned, and its name changed from Hyper Lift & Cut to Pro Lift. This trimmer can lift flat-lying, longer hairs and cut them to a shorter length. Together with the other slit trimmer, called Direct & Cut, which captures hair growing in different directions, the Series 9 razor is highly effective in tackling challenging facial hair.

In conclusion, the Braun Series 9 electric razor is an impressive and highly efficient device that men can rely on for a close and comfortable shaving experience. Over the years, the Series 9 razor has undergone several developments, introducing newer and better features that make it an excellent choice for men looking to achieve a perfect shave. Whether you prefer the original Series 9 or the latest 2021 Series 9 Pro, you can choose from different cassette options that suit your unique shaving needs. With this complete guide, you’re armed with knowledge about the different generations and their compatible cassettes, giving you the confidence to choose the right razor that meets your specific needs.

Article Posted: 24/04/2023 17:50:14

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