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Beard Styles And Grooming Tips

Beard Styles And Grooming Tips

Beards always give the wearer an enhanced look, and this is why many men are opting to let their beards grow nowadays. It also provides the skin with a break from constant shaving, making it a healthy option. For centuries, beards have been associated with respect, masculinity, and power. So why donít you take advantage of this modern trend and start growing your beard?

This article gives you a list of some of the beard styles you can choose from and how to take care of your beards. Continue reading to learn more.

Here are some of the beard styles you can try out.

1.   The goatee

The Goatee is one of the most popular beard styles available. If the hair over your lips doesnít grow plentifully, you can forget about your mustache and allow your beard to grow longer, and choose a Goatee style. A Goatee is easier to care for.

2.   Hollywoodian beard

If you want to try this beard style, then you need to get rid of your sideburns and let your beard grow and complete the look with a mustache that extends to your beard.

3.   Verdi

This beard style is named after Giuseppe Verdi- the late great composer. The style consists of neatly trimmed mustache and beard that grows over the chin and jawline. The neckline is usually kept clean. 

4.   Natural beard

Natural beard is one of the simplest beard styles. It doesnít involve a lot; you just let it grow. You can also trim it and shape it as it grows. The more you trim and shape the beard, the fuller it will become.

5.   Full beard

If you are looking for one of the easiest beard to grow and maintain, then the full beard may be the best option.

6.   Sideburns

Sideburn is also one of the most popular partial beard styles. In this style, the facial hairs run down the back of the jaw. You can try to be adventurous by opting for a full sideburn look where the sideburns connect with your mustache.

Grooming tips

If you have decided to grow your beard, then you need to ensure that you properly take care of it. Taking care of your beard will not only make it look clean, but it will also look appealing.

1.   Know when and how to trim your beard

Trimming your beard is essential if you want to have a well-groomed beard. It is best to buy a quality beard trimmer, and select the right method to suit your plan.

2.   Wash your beard regularly

This is particularly crucial in the initial stages of growth because trapped food and dead skin can aggravate the itchiness. Washing and conditioning your beard are the best ways to care for your beard. You can use a specialized cleanser and a beard brush to scrub your beard a few days a week.

3.   Apply beard oil on your beard

For a good-looking beard, you must apply some beard oil. Finding the best oil can be quite tricky sometimes because some are too heavy while others are too shiny. The best option is the beard balm oil. It will provide a long-lasting conditioning effect due to its heavier texture.


Article Posted: 07/07/2020 18:54:35

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