Choosing the best Electric Shaver Choosing the best Electric Shaver Choosing the best Electric Shaver can be tricky, so many different styles rotary and foil, which work best,
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Choosing An Electric Shaver

Choosing An Electric Shaver

Choosing An Electric Shaver


Published: 16/04/2015 07:18:01

6 Commonly Asked Questions Men Have About Choosing an Electric Shaver

What Electric Shaver Brand Should You Purchase?

One of the most asked questions about shavers is what brand type should a person get. The only person that can decide what electric shaver is best is you.  You need to know what brand suits your face. Bear in mind that most well-known manufacturers have a Money-Back Guarantee, offer with their product. This allows you to try the brand for a few weeks with no risk. If you donít like the new shaver, just send the product back to the manufacturer and get a full refund.

If youíre new to the whole electric shaver market and really donít have a clue which one is best for you, consider your face type:

ē         Do you have sensitive skin?

ē         Do you have a thick stubble hair follicles?

If your skin is sensitive, it may be best to use a wet/dry shaver from Panasonic or Philips. This lets you try using gel or cream to reduce the irritation. If your stubble is thick, you may want a higher-end Panasonic model or a Braun. Their motors are equipped to handle thick beards, and can be used when your face is dry.

Whatever shaver you decide on, your face (and beard) will need at least a week to become accustomed to it. This allows you plenty of time to know if itís going to work before you decide if you need to take advantage of the Money-Back Guarantee option.

Of course, if youíve previously used an electric shaver, did you like how it worked? If you did, then it may be best to stick with this shaving system. Donít purchase a Philips rotary shaver if you liked the foil system Braun shavers.  On the other hand, if you werenít all that impressed with the model you did have, consider switching to find the shaver that will offer a different king of shaving for example going from a straight foil over to a rotary style.

Why Should I Invest In A Cleaning/Charging Station?

If you have difficulty seeing or your hands shake, a cleaning/charging station can help with shaver maintenance.  You want to make sure your shaver is well-lubricated and clean to extend the lifespan of its parts.  With proper maintenance, you can get that new shave each time you use it. The cleaning solution will generally cost about £5 per month; but, this cost is reimbursed to you by the prolonging the buying of cutters and screens. If you clean your shaver each day you use it, the cleaning station would be more of a convenience than a maintenance necessity.

How Much Would You Need For Electric Shaver?

Itís up to you how often you change your cutter and screen. If you have foil/screen shaver, the recommendation is every six to nine months with cutters at least once a year. The cost for replacement parts will vary based on the model you have. In the majority of cases, manufacturers have stopped selling cutters and foils individually.  They do, however, suggest that theyíre both changed simultaneously.  A cutter and screen set for the Remington Panasonic or Braun model can cost up to £30 (dependent upon the shaving system).

Shavers with rotary heads donít need as many replacements and are far more economical, as these tend to last about two years. The price range for a set of 3 is about £25 to £50. To ensure they last longer, always clean and grease the shaver.

How Are Cord/Cordless and Cordless Shavers Different From One Another?

Cordless shavers will only work when the batteries have been charged. Cord/cordless shavers can work whether or not the batteries are charged because it can be plugged into an electrical outlet.  Like the Philips shaver charger you can on some models run directly from the charger mains cable or without the lead.

How Often Do You Need To Replace The Cutters and Screens?

Electric shaver manufacturers recommend the replacement of cutters and screens every 12 to 18 months all dependent upon how you clean the shaver and the thickness of your beard. If you think you need to push harder or have to make additional passes on your face more so than usual or your beardís whiskers are getting pulled, the cutters need to be changed.

What Do I Need To Replace My Shaver Foil?

If you notice the screens need to be replaced more often than the 12 to 18 months being recommended, you may be making some mistakes in use:

ē         Putting the shaver too hard against your face to get that better shave

ē         Not cleaning the cutters or screens well enough 

Lightly press the shaver against your face will provide it with a better shave. If you push too hard, it just pushes the cutters against the foil, wearing them both out quicker. Make sure to clean the shaver every time youíre done using it. Sometimes it may be better to replace the complete head, Philips shaver heads are available as a complete solutions or just the blades are available.

Article Posted: 28/07/2019 13:21:02

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