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Braun 32B Shaver Head Series 3 Black Cassette Foil and Cutter Blade
Braun Brand

Genuine Braun 32B New Series 3 Black shaver head Cassette Foil and Cutter Pack.

£24.90 £22.42 (Save 10%)
62 In Stock
Great Price - Philips OneBlade replacement Shaving Head - QP210 One Blade
Philips Brand

Great Price - Philips Replacement One Blade QP210 Shaving head OneBlade

Buy 1: £11.45 Each
Buy 3: £9.70 Each
Buy 6+: £8.95 Each
31 In Stock
Philips SH50/50 6000, 5000 Series 3 x Rotary Cutting Head
Philips Brand

Philips SH50/50 5000 Series 3 x Rotary Cutting Replacement Head Blades

From £27.95
In Stock
Philips Bodygroom replacement shaver foil/cutter unit - TT2020
Philips Brand

Replacement Shaving Foil Spares TT2000/43, Foil and Cutter Block TT20** Series

In Stock
WES9027Y Outer Foil and Cutter Blades Pack Set
Panasonic Brand

Panasonic WES9027Y Outer Foil and Cutter Blades

25 In Stock


Braun Compatible 10B Replacement Foil and Cutter
Rozar Brand

Rozar UK 10B 20B Foil and Cutter for Braun Shaver Replacement Part.

237 In Stock
Rozar Braun Oral-B IP17-4 Interspace Tip Toothbrush Heads Interdental
Rozar Brand

Braun Compatible Oral-B IP17-4 Interspace Tip Toothbrush Heads Interdental (Pack of 4)

Buy 1: £5.25 Each
Buy 2: £4.70 Each
Buy 4: £4.35 Each
Buy 10+: £3.99 Each
4,142 In Stock
Braun Oral-B IP17 Interspace Tip Toothbrush Heads Interdental
Braun Brand

Braun Oral-B IP17 Interspace Tip Toothbrush Heads Interdental

In Stock
Compatible Braun Oral-B IP17-4 Interspace Tip Heads and 4 ROZAR Heads
Rozar Brand

Braun Oral-B IP17-4 Interspace Tip Toothbrush Heads Interdental (Pack of 4) and Rozar Standard heads (pack of 4)

In Stock
Kids Compatible Toothbrush Replacement Braun Oral b Electronic Tooth Colour Brush 4 Heads
Rozar Brand

Kids Compatible Toothbrush Replacement Braun Oral b Electronic Bright Coloured Tooth Brush 4 Heads (Pack of 4)

Buy 1: £4.95 Each
Buy 2: £3.99 Each
Buy 4+: £3.55 Each
999 In Stock
Compatible Toothbrush Replacement Braun Oral b Electronic Tooth Brush 4 Heads
Rozar Brand

To fit all Braun Oral B electric toothbrush heads (Pack of 4)

Buy 1: £4.75 Each
Buy 2: £3.95 Each
Buy 4+: £3.45 Each
3,009 In Stock
Safe and Sound Temporary Tooth Filling Kit

Safe and Sound Temporary Tooth Filling repair Kit up to 10 temporary fillings

1 In Stock
2 x 100ml Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Spray Bottles

2 x 100ml Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Spray Kills 99.99% Germs Viruses

25 In Stock
236ml Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel Pump Bottle

236ml Antibacterial 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel Kills 99.99% Germs Viruses

31 In Stock
Braun PRT2000 Digital Thermometer
Braun Brand

Braun PRT2000 Age Precision Digital Thermometer

4 Points | 1 In Stock
Durex TODUR032 Fetherlite Pack of 3 Condoms

Durex TODUR032 Fetherlite Pack of 3 Condoms

4 Points | Out of Stock
Vicks V70MEA Hygrometer and Thermometer

Vicks V70MEA Hygrometer and Thermometer

10 Points | 2 In Stock

Electric Shavers

Wahl 3615-0401Y Space Saving Travel Men's Electric Shaver
Wahl Brand

Wahl 3615-0401Y Space Saving Slim Travel Men's Electric Shaver

£28.95 £18.70 (Save 35%)
23 In Stock
Wahl 7065-017 Li Compact Travel Men's Electric Shaver
Wahl Brand

Wahl 7065-017 Li Compact Travel Electric Shaver

2 In Stock
Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer
Remington Brand

Remington MB320C Gentleman's Barba Beard Trimmer

Out of Stock
Wahl 9893-801 Multigroomer 8 in 1 Gift Set
Wahl Brand

Wahl 9893-801 Complete 8-in-1 Multi-Trimmer Grooming Gift Set - Black

From £15.95
In Stock
Braun Silk-Epil Lady Shaver 5-100 Pink, Electric Shaver and Trimmer System with 1 Extra
Braun Brand

Braun LS5100 Silk-Epil Lady Shaver Pink, Electric Shaver and Trimmer System with 1 Extra Comb

£39.95 £24.95 (Save 38%)
2 In Stock

Best Sellers

Rozar Cleaning Solution 500ml Bottle
Rozar Brand

Rozar CAS2CC Shaver Head Cleaning Agent Solution Bottle 500ml

426 In Stock
2 Rozar Lubricating Shaver Oils and brush kit
Rozar Brand

Grooming Service Repair Machine Oil Clipper Shaver Maintenance Lubricant Hair Trimmer Blade Oils

In Stock
Philips CC16 Cleaning Refil for SKIN IQ Series Shavers
Philips Brand

Philips CC16 Cleaning Refill pods for the QCP10 unit Skin IQ series

Buy 1: £7.95 Each
Buy 2: £6.95 Each
Buy 3: £5.95 Each
Buy 6+: £5.45 Each
1,334 In Stock
Philips Quick Clean Pod QCP10/01
Philips Brand

Philips Quick Clean Pod Cleaning Station QCP10/01 for SKIN IQ Series

160 In Stock
Shaver Head Wash Bath High Frequency Vibration Cleaning
Rozar Brand

Rozar CAS2 Shaver Head Wash Bath and Cleaning Solution High Frequency Vibration cleanse

In Stock
Canabidol CBD12501 250mg Cannabis Oil

Genuine Canabidol CBD12501 250mg Pure Cannabis Oil

4 Points | 3 In Stock
ANP100 Finger Pulse Oximeter

ANP100 Finger Pulse Oximeter With LED Display (Includes Carry case, Batteries and Lanyard)

4 Points | 4 In Stock
Audisol AUD006 Ear Wax Remover

Audisol AUD006 Ear Wax Remover Double Action Formula

4 Points | Out of Stock
Calypso CYCALPACK 100ml Sun Protection Travel Pack

Calypso CYCALPACK 100ml Sun Protection Travel Pack

4 Points | 4 In Stock
Noise Cancelling 2 Ear Plugs, Soft Reusable Silicone Earplugs
Rozar Brand

1 Pair box-packed skin tone Premium food grade silicone comfort earplugs noise reduction silicone Soft Ear Plugs Swimming Silicone Earplugs Protective for sleep

Buy 1: £2.95 Each
Buy 2: £1.95 Each
Buy 5+: £0.95 Each
4 Points | 151 In Stock
New Sleep Night Eye Mask

New Sleep Night Eye Mask, Eyes Cover and Shade Blinders Silk Feel Soft Adj Strap

4 Points | 103 In Stock
New Complete Eyebrow Enhancer Serum Formula 3ml Bottle

New Complete Eyebrow Enhancer Serum Formula 3ml Bottle

4 Points | 158 In Stock

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CLASSIFICATION OF ELECTRIC SHAVERS BY THE SHAVER PARTS With the advancement of technology, today's world has a wide range of shavers to choose from. For those seeking out their ideal pick, it is important to consider what type and kind best suits them by familiarizing themselves with different parts involved in shaver construction. Generally speaking, there are two types based on gender; men typically use machines fashioned for tougher facial hair while women often opt for something gentler when shaving underarms or legs since such areas contain finer hairs. Furthermore, one must determine between rotary-style and foil -type designs as each caters towards unique needs! Those looking for a close shave have two options when it comes to electric shavers: rotary and foil. The former uses three rotating blades, each covered with a flexible foil that adjusts to the user's facial contours while they are shaving their face or legs / underarms. Foil models use thinner foils along a set of blades, offering an even closer cut without irritation on delicate skin areas - all powered by rechargeable batteries ensuring optimal mobility and cost efficiency! Modern designs boast extended battery life as well as fast charging capabilities for maximum convenience over time.

Electric Razor Replacement Parts

Here at Shaver Spare Parts, we stock a huge range of electric grooming replacement parts to suit all major manufacturers. From Panasonic and Braun through to Remington and Philips models - you'll be able to find the perfect shaver spares for your needs. Our top selling items are foils (screens) and cutters (blades), plus accessories such as charging cable leads & cleaning solutions. With us, it's never been easier or faster to get back looking your best!

Service and Support

Our commitment to top-notch customer service is paramount - that's why our team works hard every day to ensure your satisfaction. Not only do we have an enormous selection of genuine replacement spares, but you can trust us to handle all orders promptly and professionally. We also make sure each item will reach its destination in pristine condition thanks to careful packaging material.

With our easy to navigate web site and quick search box, shopping for the perfect shaver is seamless. We offer free shipping with speedy options like first class or first-class recorded so you can expect your product to arrive quickly! And our top of screen telephone contact details plus email contacts guarantee help if needed - all that's left for you is making the choice!

Shop with ease and convenience on our easy-to-navigate website! We accept many different payment options, offer free shipping, and post twice a day -- including Saturdays. Plus, use the quick search box at the top right of your screen to find what you're looking for faster - just enter in either your shaver model or part number (ABC1234 is an example).

Enjoy fast delivery times every time! Keep yourself constantly groomed with our 24-hour postal service every order received before mid-afternoon will arrive the next day! If you're experiencing a 10 am shadow after only one pass of your shaving device, it may be time to switch out the parts that naturally wear out. With replacement components delivered in no time at all and results as good as when they were first purchased, you'll soon have back those smooth morning shaves again!

Electric Shaver Razor Replacement Parts

What is a shaver head?

If you're wondering what exactly a shaver head is, you've come to the right place. A shaver head is an essential component of an electric shaver. It is the housing unit that holds the cutting blades and foils. The blades inside the shaver head are responsible for cutting and grooming the hair on your face or body, while the foils help to protect your skin from direct contact with the blades, ensuring a smooth and irritation-free shave. Shaver heads typically need to be replaced every 12 to 18 months, depending on the frequency of use, to maintain optimal shaving performance. So, when it comes to keeping your electric shaver in top shape, don't forget about your trusty shaver head.

Why is the shaver head important in electric razors?

Why is the shaver head crucial in electric razors? The shaver head is an integral component of electric razors, playing a vital role in ensuring a smooth and efficient shaving experience. Designed with precision, the shaver head incorporates various innovative features that enhance performance and provide a comfortable shave. The cutting elements within the shaver head, such as the blades and foils, work in harmony to capture and trim facial hair effectively. With their sharpness and efficient design, these cutting elements effortlessly glide over the contours of the face, trimming hair effortlessly and ensuring a close shave. Furthermore, the shaver head often includes other elements like the floating mechanism, which allows it to adapt to the facial contours, leading to a more comfortable and irritation-free experience. Apart from these features, the shaver head is also responsible for housing essential components like the motor and battery, making it a central part of the electric razor's functionality. Overall, the shaver head is of utmost importance as it combines various key elements to deliver an effective and satisfying shaving experience.

How does the shaver blades head work?

Shavers have become an essential grooming tool for men and women alike. But have you ever wondered how the shaver head actually works? Let's dive into the intricacies of this cleverly designed component. The shaver head is the heart of the shaver, responsible for cutting and removing unwanted hair effortlessly. Equipped with sharp and precise blades, the shaver head employs a rotating motion to swiftly trim hair at the skin's surface. The blades are strategically positioned, ensuring maximum efficiency and a clean shave. The shaver head also incorporates a protective foil or a series of rotary cutters, preventing any direct contact between the blades and your skin, minimizing the risk of cuts or irritation. So next time you use your trusty shaver, remember the ingenuity behind its shaver head, revolutionizing the way we maintain our grooming routines.

Types of Shaver Heads

Foil Shaver Heads and Rotary Shaver Heads

Foil shaver heads and rotary shaver heads are two popular types of shaving technology used in electric razors. While both serve the same purpose of providing a close and smooth shave, they differ in their design and functionality. Foil shaver heads, as the name suggests, consist of a thin, perforated foil that covers the blades. This design allows the hairs to enter the foil slots and be cut by the oscillating blades underneath. On the other hand, rotary shaver heads have multiple circular blades that move in a circular motion to capture and cut the hair. The choice between foil and rotary shaver heads really comes down to personal preference and the texture of one's facial hair. So, whether you opt for a foil shaver head or a rotary shaver head, both options offer effective and efficient shaving solutions. Ultimately, the choice lies in your hands and what works best for your grooming needs.

Shaver Head Cleaning Methods and Tools, Lubrication and Storage Tips

Looking after your shaver head is essential for maintaining the optimal performance and lifespan of your electric shaver. In this blog post, we will explore effective cleaning methods and tools, as well as providing some valuable tips on lubrication and storage. By following these steps, you can ensure that your shaver head remains in top condition, providing you with a close and comfortable shave every time. So, let's dive in and discover the secrets to keeping your shaver head gleaming and efficient!
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