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Big savings on shavers and shaver spare parts, 100% money back guarantee
Our Customers Say...

Item ordered and arrived the next morning, When the charger arrived I thought I had been sent the wrong one as it is totally different in appearance to the Phillips one supplied with the Shaver. This item unlike the Phillips one is sturdy, and is a great design as it folds unlike the Phillips one which snapped in half Fabulous design and I am really impresses with the service

Dear Mr. Warren, Thank you for your e- mail of the 29th., January 2012, in which you kindly invite me to write a couple of lines in Facebook with regards to my thoughts on your Companies service. Mr. Warren, providing that you don't mind, I would far rather express my thoughts to your good self on this subject, and my very sincere thanks at the same time. The SERVICE provided by your Company to the writer was EXCELLENT, AND A COMPLETE HALLMARK OF SHAVER - SPARES.CO.UK. Braun should be delighted in having the support of your company in supplying their product parts to customers like myself. Thank you sir for the EXCELLENT SERVICE. I remain, Yours sincerely... James Irwin

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Remington SP-DF R6130/R7130 3x Rotary 360 Cutting Heads

Remington SP-DF R6130/R7130 3x Rotary Diamond 360 Cutting Heads Flex & Pivot Technology.

Product Features


  • Replacement shaving heads/cutters for mens Remington electric shaver
  • Pack contains full set of 3 heads/cutters
Remington Models
R6130, R7130, R7150

Order number:
T27-29893,  44083 530 401
UK Version

 Genuine Replacement Remington Spare Part.


  • Shaver Maintenance
  • Replacement Shaver Foils and Cutters offer a quicker shave, and can half the time taken to achieve a smooth shave. Be at your best first thing in the morning.
  • Electric shavers offer the fastest way to shave.
  • Buy now with Confidence

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