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Big savings on shavers and shaver spare parts, 100% money back guarantee

Remington SP69 TCT2 Foil & Cutter Blades for MS2, MS4

Remington SP69 Foil Screen & Cutter Blade Head

Replacement Foil & Cutter for Remington

Product Features

    * Replacement foil and cutter units

This item is suitable for the following
Remington Models
MS2050, MS2050
Models beginning MS21...
Models beginning MS22...
MS2390, MS2391, MS2392
Models beginning RS4...


    Remington RS4843 TCT2 Shaver
    Remington RS4623 TCT2 Shaver
    Remington RS4400 TCT2 Shaver
    Remington RS4883 TCT2 Smooth & Sculpt Shaver
    Remington MS2050 Dual Foil Shaver
    Remington RS4623 TCT3 Shaver
    Remington MS2300 Dual Foil Shaver
    Remington MS2391 Titanium Washable Shaver
    Remington MS2291 Titanium Washable Shaver
    Remington MS2200 Dual Foil Shaver
    Remington MS2300 Dual Foil Shaver

Order number: 3109679
P/N 16151
Order No 44022530400



  • Shaver Maintenance
  • Replacement Shaver Foils and Cutters offer a quicker shave, and can half the time taken to achieve a smooth shave. Be at your best first thing in the morning.
  • Electric shavers offer the fastest way to shave.
  • Buy now with Confidence

  •     MS2 290, MS2050,  MS21, MS22,  MS2290,  MS2300,  MS2390,  MS2391, MS2392, RS4

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