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Having damaged the foil on my Braun shaver, I started cutting my face so had to switch to an old-fashioned blade shaver. Then I discovered SHAVER-SPARES and a really good price for a replacement foil and cutter. I ordered one, a very simple operation and, lo and behold, I received my order within 2 days and I now have a brand new shaver - and saved money on the full price. What could be better? Thank you, SHAVER-SPARES!

I was impressed with the speed of delivery and my shver is like new again.

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Remington SP69 TCT2 Foil & Cutter Blades for MS2, MS4

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4.9 out 5


Remington SP69 TCT2 Foil & Cutter Blades for MS2, MS4

Remington SP69 Foil Screen & Cutter Blade Head

Replacement Foil & Cutter for Remington

Product Features

    * Replacement foil and cutter units

This item is suitable for the following
Remington Models
MS2050, MS2050
Models beginning MS21...
Models beginning MS22...
MS2390, MS2391, MS2392
Models beginning RS4...


    Remington RS4843 TCT2 Shaver
    Remington RS4623 TCT2 Shaver
    Remington RS4400 TCT2 Shaver
    Remington RS4883 TCT2 Smooth & Sculpt Shaver
    Remington MS2050 Dual Foil Shaver
    Remington RS4623 TCT3 Shaver
    Remington MS2300 Dual Foil Shaver
    Remington MS2391 Titanium Washable Shaver
    Remington MS2291 Titanium Washable Shaver
    Remington MS2200 Dual Foil Shaver
    Remington MS2300 Dual Foil Shaver

Order number: 3109679
P/N 16151
Order No 44022530400



  • Shaver Maintenance
  • Replacement Shaver Foils and Cutters offer a quicker shave, and can half the time taken to achieve a smooth shave. Be at your best first thing in the morning.
  • Electric shavers offer the fastest way to shave.
  • Buy now with Confidence
  •     MS2 290, MS2050,  MS21, MS22,  MS2290,  MS2300,  MS2390,  MS2391, MS2392, RS4

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 4.9 29 reviews

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4 out 5 Dual foil and cutter

By: Franklin Woolley

Date: 14/06/2011 15:44:57

Very quick service from this supplier with the original equipment parts for your shaver. I'm quite happy with my shaver and see no reason to buy another when I can get the replacement foil here. Best to buy the foils and cutters together and replace them at the same time imho.

5 out 5 Spare Cutters and Foil

By: Terry Martin

Date: 07/02/2012 17:21:47

Original equipment supplied at a very competative price. It was ordered on 1st Feb 2012 and delivered on 2nd Feb 2012. That's what I call service!

5 out 5 Remington razor foil

By: Hugh Granger

Date: 08/06/2012 14:24:36

I had trouble finding this item, but Shaver Spares not only had it in stock, it was cheaper than elsewhere. Some firms charge as much as a whole new razor. I ordered it after lunch, and it arrived at 10 am next morning, via the letter box, post & packing included. What more can you ask?

5 out 5 Remington SP69 TCT2 Foil & Cutter Blades for MS2, MS4

By: michael rees

Date: 13/06/2012 22:35:02

ordered on 9/6/2012 delivered on 10/6/2012 came by royal mail delivery van not postman, well packaged parcel.needed both foil and cutter so convenient package well priced by shaver-spares.these just as good as originals, definitely recommend this company, will buy again

5 out 5 shaver spare

By: lloyd brookes

Date: 15/06/2012 15:49:46

really rely on this site as this is the best shaver we have purchased and easy to purchase the parts rather than renew very happy with this site

5 out 5 wow iam impressed

By: bill winnard

Date: 18/06/2012 11:05:09

I recently orders a set of blades and foils for my remington shaver.IAM so impressed with the speed in which my order was processed order placed about 2 pm and recieved by 10.30 next day.excellant.

5 out 5 Iam impressed

By: bill winnard

Date: 18/06/2012 11:11:35

I recently orderd a set of blades & foils for my remmington shaver.oder placed about 2pm and received by 10.30 next day I WAS WELL IMPRESSED WITH THE SPEED OF SERVICE and the product.

5 out 5 Speedy parts

By: John Kenning

Date: 18/06/2012 14:56:54

Product is A! as expected. Service second to none - delivered in less than 24hrs

5 out 5 Online shopping as it should be

By: Beryl

Date: 14/08/2012 07:54:13

I was amazed at the speed the order was delivered. The site was easy to navigate, i found what i was looking for quickly. The foils and blades were easy to fit took 5 minutes or so. so much cheaper than replacing the electric shaver Many Thanks

5 out 5 As Exspected

By: Daniel

Date: 14/09/2012 07:56:00

After minimal web research, I chose to order a Remington shaver foil, cutters included, mainly based on customer feedback. P&P was included. Arrived the next day, a Saturday, sturdily packaged & small enough to go through the letterbox. Saved the expense of a new razor or extortionate after sales spares.

5 out 5 price shaving

By: Michael Steele

Date: 24/09/2012 20:42:48

Came across this site on a search engine.Ordering was staright forward & the goods arrived promptly.Top class product at a very good price.Will definately deal with again

5 out 5 Remigton SP69 TCT2 Foil and Cutter Blades

By: Tim Anderson

Date: 29/09/2012 11:16:06

Easy to order the exact match for my old Remington. Requested on Sunday and arrived safely 3 days later. Perfect!

5 out 5 shaver spares

By: noel gordon

Date: 11/11/2012 14:33:21

excellent transaction from beginning to end excellent end product, shaver , shaving as new thanks.

5 out 5 Impressed

By: Mike Baker

Date: 15/11/2012 07:27:48

The level of service on my recent order has been excellent. Goods ordered Friday. Email confirmation immediate. Advised of dispatch on Sunday. Goods arrived on post on Monday. BRILLIANT. And the parts fit and work - NO PROBLEM. Will definitely use them again

5 out 5 service with a smile

By: Dennis Marrable

Date: 19/11/2012 12:43:01

excellent customer service,as i needed to contact them with a query.Delivery item was well packed,and on time.I would use this company again in the future...

5 out 5 swift service when you need it!

By: John Kerr

Date: 18/02/2013 07:34:23

When old shaver parts start to rip your skin, it's time to get them replaced. But it always seems to happen at a time that's inconvenient, like Saturday evening. Parts are harder and harder to find in High Street shops, so being able to get online and order new bits immediately is very appealing. I ordered mine on Monday, they were here with the postman next day. Just the ticket.

5 out 5 Great before order support and help

By: Mr H

Date: 06/03/2013 21:43:58

Dear Mr Warren, Thank you for your email dated 4 March 2013. I was pleased to receive my order from yourselves. When I first tried to place an order it did not go through because, unbeknown to me, I had not followed you site correctly. I emailed your company and received a reply the next day. I followed your helpful reply and the order was accepted. You dispatched the order the following day and as it was small enough to fit through my letter box, ie I did not have to be at home to accept delivery, it was waiting for me the day after dispatch. I could not have expected better service. Well done and thank you. Due to the service I have received, I will be visiting your site again to view your product range. I wish you all the best, knowing that your company will do well with such service to the customer. Regards

5 out 5 SP69 Spares

By: Phil Hazell

Date: 19/05/2013 12:37:04

This is the first time I Have used Shaver Spares and I am very impressed with the service they provide. Having placed the order quite late in the evening the spares arrived the following working day and were original Remington. I will certainly be using this company again.

4 out 5 A close shave

By: Peter Dawson

Date: 06/08/2013 22:05:33

Narrowly avoided consigning my faithful old Remington MS2-050 to the recycling bin by discovering Shaver-Spares on tinternet. I imagined the cracked foil would be irreplaceable, but no! Almost before the facial lacerations had healed, new bits had arrived by post. As long as the motor does not expire now, I look forward to many more close shaves. Thank you.

5 out 5 Remington spare parts

By: Mrs J Davies

Date: 09/02/2014 18:30:39

My 91 year old Dad was delighted that I managed to get replacement parts for his much loved razor. I took them to him in Portsmouth today and he was delighted.As soon as we had set it up he was wanting to go and try it out!

5 out 5 Shaver foils and cutters

By: Bert Arter

Date: 12/02/2014 05:59:01

Product arrived the day after I ordered it and fitted easily and works perfectly.

5 out 5 Replacement Shaver cutters and foils

By: David Rossiter

Date: 10/03/2014 19:43:44

Having ordered my replacement cutter and foil set I was very pleased to receive the items only the day after I had ordered them. This incredible response was also complimented with an "your order has been dispatched" e mail on the evening of the day ordered. You cannot expect better than that.. Excellent service Thankyou

5 out 5 Very satisfied customer

By: Dr. Rod Paton

Date: 16/06/2014 11:13:40

Ordered replacement foil and cutter for my Remington MS2 and received it within three days. Fuss-free and simple ordering process. Completely satisfied with prompt service and quality of goods..

5 out 5 Shaver foil and cutters

By: Gordon Cordingley

Date: 18/07/2014 11:33:23

Simple to install.Worked well imm4diately.Best shave for months!!!

5 out 5 remington spares


Date: 21/07/2014 14:25:34

Excellent service with spares arriving within 24hrs of ordering. Certainly use this service again.

4 out 5 good shaving?

By: Ken Mizon

Date: 14/08/2014 17:44:43

Your prompt service is something that some that other internet sellers should copy.Thank you for that. However this is the second or third time that I have fitted new cutters and foil to this shaver and I have to say I was disappointed with the quality of the shave compared with previous replacements.

5 out 5 Superb Service

By: David Hutchinson

Date: 08/11/2014 17:00:10

My razor parts arrived within 48 hours of placing my order and were exactly as ordered. The web site, I found, was easy to navigate and gave very helpful information. What more does anyone want? Excellent

5 out 5 Remington foil and cuttters

By: Malcolm

Date: 17/11/2014 09:46:14

I was really impressed with the efficient process of the order. Ordered in the afternoon was here the next morning. My shaver was like new after fitting the new foil and cutters, fantastic shave. Excellent service and product.

5 out 5 Shaver spares service

By: Denis Avery

Date: 19/12/2014 15:58:33

I ordered this item expecting 'normal' service, namely delivery in a few days. But my new foils and cutter blades arrived the very next day! Excellent service - and also excellent quality.

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