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Big savings on shavers and shaver spare parts, 100% money back guarantee
Our Customers Say...

It is just as well that Shaver Spares have such an excellent service as these parts are continually breaking - I have used four in twelve months which is a real problem as I live in Thailand and have to get them shipped out which is not cheap

My shaver, although being the best shaver I have had to date, was getting a tad worn. It was a little louder and the shave not so close. Now I have a new foil and blade set fitted it is like new again and my wife is happier too. The service was excellent, I ordered one afternoon and the package arrived with the post the next morning.

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Hitachi RM9070 Foil Shaver-Spares 9070


Hitachi RM9070 Foil

 Replacement Foil for RM9070, RM 9070

Order number: 12004FQ

  • Shaver Maintenance
  • Replacement Shaver Foils and Cutters offer a quicker shave, and can half the time taken to achieve a smooth shave. Be at your best first thing in the morning.
  • Electric shavers offer the fastest way to shave.
  • Buy now with Confidence

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