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Our Customers Say...

This lubricating oil is a superb product (like all Braun Products) it does exactly as they say keeps your braun equipment in tip top working condition.

This was the only site that said Remington MS 5700 / MS 5500 was the same as MS 5120. It fits the shaver and works great.

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Shaver spares for a good shave


Having good working shaving foils and cutters enhances the life of your shaver, and the smoothness of your shaved areas. Your shaver is not designed to last forever, but with a good supply of shaver spares, you can make it last longer than it would have done ordinarily.

The issue of having the correct parts is important, even if Braun, Panasonic, Philips, or Remington designs your shaver. And that is why, for any of those brand names, they recommend that you have readily available genuine replacement parts for optimum result.

All shavers, which are electric shavers, come with the option of being able to renew worn and damaged spares, which depend on the model and other design details.

The common parts of your shaver that need to be closely looked at for quick replacement are the foil and cutting blades.

The foil electric razors possess, at least, a single running foil across the top. A foil is a type of a metal net, or a mesh, that is designed to accommodate hairs as you run the electric shaving across your face.

Another important shaver spare part is the cutter. Most shaver spare part packages come with a foil and a cutter; and it is recommended you change those, at least, once every 18 months after first use.

You will find your cutter underneath either of your shaver head or the foil. The cutter is designed to do the dirty work of trimming down your hair. Like the blade of a lawn mower, their function is to ensure the level of hair sweep and the smoothness of your skin after shave is perfect.

In the case of foil razors, cutters show some rapid side to side vibration. With this kind of function and rapid vibration, you don’t expect the cutter to give you a good shave if allowed to run for too long without being replaced. Even if you have a good knowledge of shaver maintenance, it will save you a lot of time and do you much good if you have your cutter replaced, at least once, after 18 months from the time of first use.

If your cutter is the rotary type, they cut off your hair by spinning around. It is definitely a show of smartness on your side that you replace these important items fairly frequently, with their recommended shaver spare, in order to get the closest shave possible, coupled with skin comfort.

Your shaver will give you a better shave, and last longer if you replace its parts with genuine recommended shaver spares. Why spend more by buying a new shaver, when you can have a quality shaver spare part fitted which will make your shaver as good as the day you purchased it. 

Date: 28/11/2010