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Excellent foil. Seems to cut better than original though does appear to be more open so may not be as durable

The original foil and cutter were over 12 months old and were past their best. This product has returned my shaver to its' original performance. Easy to install and no 'fiddly bendy foil' to fit to a plastic holder as I have had to do in the past! Well worth the cost compared to a replacement shaver.

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What can cause a shaver foil to fail, break, and wear out ?


What can cause a foil to fail??


Taking Care Of Your Razor. Electric razors are easy and fast to use, but, like any appliance, they do need some maintenance in order to keep them working properly.

    * Clean the cutting blade and foil screen regularly. Most electric shavers need to have their cutters and foils brushed out after every second or third shave. Use the small brush that comes with the shaver, and never brush the foil itself. Open the shaver in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions and brush and blow the internal cutters. Some models offer a separate cleaning solution that may be used.

    * Keep the foil and cutter lubricated. Most electric shavers can be lubricated using a spray lubricant or Oil offered by the manufacturer. Using a pre-shave face solution can also help lubricate the foil and cutter (pre-Shave solution is available from Boots the chemist).

    * Change the blades when needed. Foils and cutters generally need to be changed once a year. More often if the user fails to clean and lubricate them properly. Change the foil and cutter at the same time for best results and to avoid injury.

     * Always replace the dust cap to protect the foil when not in use, any minor tap or knock on the foil can cause an indent that will become a small hole once the cutter has had time to wear it down.

Date: 26/02/2011