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The key to a perfect shaver no matter how old the shaver.


For proper shaving and smooth skin, electric shavers have become an essential. They are now widely available and easy to handle. Electric shavers can be chargeable, battery operated, and even cordless. Picking the right electric shaver to get the perfect shave can be hard with there being numerous manufacturers functioning in the market.

Besides its convenient use, electric shavers can be maintained and updated easily with replacement of spare parts. Shaver spares are not difficult to find. They are readily available for purchase either with the manufacturer of one’s electric shaver or by individual on-line stores specializing only in the sale of shaver replacement parts.

Spare parts for electric shavers are screen foils, cutter blades, shaver heads and a range of other shaver accessories like lubricants, shaver cleaning brushes, travel cases travel chargers. To ensure proper working of the shaver, it is necessary that one cleans the shaver after every shave. Regular cleaning of the shaver will result in lesser replacement of shaver accessories. Cleaning is generally done by hand brush or aerosol pressurized air. The more expensive Electric shavers tend to come with their own built in cleaning bath that the shaver sits in and runs through a process of being dipped in an alcohol based cleaning fluid.

In most shavers, the head frame can be lifted, below which lies the fragile screen also known as the foil. Whiskers can be brushed off lightly, for pressing hard the foil will result in its damage. The blades or cutters are the next shaver accessories to be cleaned. Whiskers gathering on the blades can prevent one from having a clean and smooth shave. After brushing off the whiskers from the blades, soaking them in a recommended cleaning liquid when necessary can help in its efficient cleaning. 

Annual replacement of shaver spares is recommended. Therefore, to make the shaver accessories work for a whole year, the above cleaning methods should be practiced. The shaver replacement parts in general can range anywhere  between £7 and £35. The prices would differ while buying directly from manufacturers and otherwise purchasing from  who offer a really competitive price and fast delivery .

Common shaver replacement parts include:

  • Charging power lead cord and plug
  • Cutter, Blades
  • Clipper comb
  • Shaving heads, foils
  • Cutter assembly
  • Electric razor retaining frame, head guard, head frames
  • Shaver’s foil and cutter block, combination packs or sets
  • Cleaning fluids

The foil and the cutter are the shaver spare parts that are most essential for shaving, particularly effective shaving. The foil will deteriorate and become thin over time. Using the shaver with the same screen will result in irritable skin and uneven shaving therefore replacing it after a year’s time is necessary.

The cutter is one of the core shaver accessories, which also needs replacement. After using it for a year, the cutter becomes blunt and dull making one press hard for a smoother shave. The cutter can either be purchased separate or with the foil as a set of shaver spares.

Shaver-Spares offer sale of shaver spare parts also of models which are no longer produced. This keeps the product from being out of use no matter how old it is. The annual replacement of shaver accessories is often misunderstood by people. They think after a use of one year the shaver itself will deteriorate, however, shaver spares keep the electric shaver from going out of use. Moreover, using electric shavers can help one save time, giving a quick morning shave, whenever required.

Electric shavers are also best for travel purposes as they eliminate the need of carrying shaving cream. A compact shaver is all one needs to get the perfect shave. For travelling and safety purposes, manufacturing companies of electric shavers also provide a shaver case as shaver spares. This enables one to safely store the shaver or carry it along while travelling. Remember it is very easy to dent a foil if transported not in a case.

Electric shavers, while shaving, adjust automatically as per the shape of one’s face. Blade shaving on the contrary requires one to shave in the proper direction which is also time consuming. For efficient cleaning, some models of shavers also supply a cleaning brush. Such shaver spares are not only beneficial to buy but they also extend the lifetime of the shaver.

Cleaning and renewing refills which run out easily and may require replacement. The refill is a cleaning solution available in small packets to cater the shaver’s cleaning needs. Mains power supply as well as cables is an essential shaver accessory which is easy to replace if they become stretched and broken. If badly damage and nor replaced this could cause the shaver itself to needing to be replaced in its entirety. This happens when the power supply completely ceases to work.

To avoid injury and ensure safety, the blade is covered with a protective cap. This protective cap is made up of a thin plastic and may break easily requiring a replacement for this one of the important shaver accessories.

Shaver-spares or shaver replacement parts are also offered for sale by sellers working through an online stores. The online sale of shaver accessories not only saves time but also provides a list of available spare parts so that one can easily choose the spare parts required as per the model.

Companies dealing in sales of spare parts through websites require the order of the required spare part to be placed which is then shipped to the customer. These replacement parts usually take no more than 24 hours to be delivered to the respective customer. Moreover, if one finds difficulty in finding the appropriate spare part, these websites also offer a contact number, which the customers can call to either place their orders or in case of queries quickly find the answer to.

Moreover, the spare parts of an electric shaver require replacement less often than the manual razor blade shaving, for the blades lose their sharpness after three months. This means replacing shaver spare is cheaper and more cost effective for it lasts up to a year. Some manufactures give a set of shaver accessories when purchasing the shaver. These accessories are either complimentary or can be had by paying a minimal amount. Replacing shaver accessories is the perfect substitute for buying a new electric shaver.

Therefore if one decides to purchase one, it is important that the shaver currently owned is thoroughly checked because if the damage can be compensated by replacement with a few shaver spare parts it saves one the cost of buying a brand new shaver which can be very costly.

Date: 16/09/2011