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I needed the new cutters quickly and I was very pleased that Electrospares got them to me so quickly. Ordered on Saturday and delivered Tuesday. They also work perfectly so I am very happy with the service. Will use again.

I have used shaver-spares twice and the service has been first class. The products were dispatched quickly and arrived within a couple of days. highly recommended

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Philips Replacement Spares

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Philips AT/PT Series Head Plate


Philips AT/PT Series Head Plate


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Philips AT/PT Series Head Frame


Philips AT/PT Series Head Frame


Philips HQ6700 Coolskin Head Frame


Philips HQ6700 Coolskin Head Frame


Philips Replacement Spares

Philips Replacement Spares

Buy spares for philips shavers razor parts and chargers

Is your shaver missing the precise clean smooth cut that it should be?

Philips and Philishave Replacement Foils and razor blades.


Philishave, which is the product of the well-known Philips Company, was founded more than a century ago in 1891, more commonly known for making light bulbs. However, in the second quarter of the 20th century, the sales of Philips dropped significantly, especially cause of the global depression. This resulted in the need of new products, which resulted in the inception of electric shavers. Alexandre Horowitz was an engineer and the product developer at Philips who is responsible for the development of the popular Philishave rotary electric shaver & Philshave spares that people use today.

So what are the different phases this Philishave went through?

The first ever Philishave was designed in the shape of a cigar comprising of three cutters made of bronze. However, many Philishave spares of the blades were required because bronze is a very soft material in comparison to steel, which used to get blunt very quickly.

Later, in the mid 20th century came the Philishave Steel beard, which became an instant success due to its bigger shaving head than the previous models. Moreover, the breakthrough came in the Philishave technology when in 1951 two shaving heads were introduced which resulted in a much quicker and smoother shave. Eight years later, another model was launched, that could fit easily and automatically on the contour of the face.

Philips used the Philishave brand name for their shavers from 1939 to 2006. During 2008, Philips has been updating older series, combining successful techniques with new designs.

Quick Tip about Philishave Spares

The Philishave spares need cleaning every 2 months in order for a smooth shaving experience, and it is recommended that it be replaced every 18 to 20 months. There are specific Philishave spares designed for the different product models, thus not all spare parts will fit. Special attention to the HQ & HS numbers should be given as it represents various shaving heads for different models.

Philips Parts

Philips is a Dutch company who have been producing excellent products in the marketplace for over 120 years. They designed their first electric shaver in 1939 under the brand name Philishave and continued using that particular name until 2006.

Philips have an impressive selection of electric shavers and associated parts for their electric shaver range and they all use the latest rotary blade technology, which is ideal for cutting both long and short hair and giving you  that much wanted close shave.

What kind of spares for philips shavers  are available?

With the company being so vast they have a huge and impressive range of electric shavers and various Philips parts for their products which include -

  • HQ Series
  • HS85
  • Norelco HQ8
  • RQ10
  • 7000 Series
  • 8000 Series

There are quite a few businesses who stock Philips replacement shaver spares which are readily available from a few reputable online retailers, so if you're needing to replace your rotary shaving heads, require a mains lead cable or even some shaving conditioning balm then, you know that you're getting quality every time with the Philips name on the product.    

The company have set themselves very high levels of production quality over the past few decades and Philips parts will always be made to the highest standards and any time you buy a product with their name on it, you will have the confidence of an item produced using high quality materials.

There are various electric shaving manufacturers in the marketplace who offer good products and easy to source spare parts at reasonable prices, but for all round quality and excellent value for money the genuine spares for philips shavers brand of shaving and replacement items is something worth serious consideration and gives you that ideal shave every time.    

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