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Any concerns I might have had as to whether the replacement would be up to par with the one that came with the unit when first purchased were immediately put to rest. First class result from a first class product - Many thanks

I ordered this item for my pensioner father and after using a search engine found this one to be best value and a promise of quick delivery. When I ordered it I received confirmation that the item was on its way. To my surprise it arrived much quicker than I expected. I can only say the service was far better than expected. As a company you should be proud of your service to the customer.

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Obsolete Shaver Spare Parts


Obsolete Shaver Spare Parts

Obsolete Shaver Spare Parts

A selection of old obsolete Shaver Spare Parts


Electric shavers were initially invented for men on the go. Since they are easy to carry and completely eliminate the use of shaving cream, electric shavers have become important equipment for personal grooming. They are easy to clean, with replaceable blades and give a smooth shave in every use. When using traditional razors, the blades need to be replaced immediately when dull. Changing the blades every couple of months gets costly. On the contrary, electric shavers are a good investment for they not only save money but electric shaver spares are also easily available. The part of these shavers last for a good 12 months before a replacement is needed.

Electric shaver spares include shaver heads, electric shaver’s retaining frame, shaver’s foil and cutter block, clipper combs, cleaning and replenishing fluids. With the evolution of online selling, manufacturers of famous electric shavers now offer electric shaver spares for sale online. A person willing to purchase can place an order on the company’s website. Moreover, shaver spares sold online are usually cheaper than the prices prevailing in the market. Some companies also sell electric shaver spares for shaver models that are old and are no longer manufactured. This does not put the electric shaver out of use regardless of how old it may be. Using an electric shaver helps to save time giving a perfect morning shave in no time.

The most frequently purchased shaver spares are the foil and the cutter, which are also essential for smooth shave. Using a dull cutter can cause irritable skin and cuts. The foil on the other hand will start deteriorating and becoming thin over time. Some companies give a set of electric shaver spares when the electric shaver is purchased. These parts can either be given complimentary or can be at a discount rate.