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I recently purchased replacement for my philishave RQ 1050. The service was excellent and purchase received in 48 hours

Received in a couple of days from ordering. My shaver now like new and cutting my stubble instead of tearing it.

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Gillette Razors and Razor Blades


Gillette Razors and Razor Blades

Gillette Razors and Razor Blades

Is your shaver missing the precise clean smooth cut that it should be?

Gillette Series Replacement Shavers and razor blades Manual shaving Spare Parts.

The new Fusion and ProGlide razors have been designed to offer the most comfortable shaving experience ever. The shaver blades are thinner and are coated with a formula of low resistance coating to allow for less tugging or snagging of the skin. So the razor will travel with an effortless glide over the contours of the face. The award winning Fusion shaver blade cassette has five shaver blades on the front, and a single sixth blade on the rear for precision trimming.

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When an razor is being used frequently, there comes a time when the shaver blades become dull and lose their sharpness. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the shaver blade is one way of to get rid of frequent replacements of shaver parts. The shaver blade is the main factor that gives electric shavers an edge over razor shaving. It does not get dull as razor blades do, keeping the same shaver blade in use for a longer period of time. A sharp shaver blade gives a nicely-shaven look and minimizes the risk of irritable skin, cuts and wounds.

Rotary shaver blades can also be used in an electric shaver. Rotary blades typically use three shaver blades at a time, which takes only half the amount of time that a razor shave may take. Moreover, a rotary shaver blade is covered with a metal foil, which prevents the blade from coming in contact with the skin. Use of these blades in electric shavers, makes the maneuvering over the chin and neck area easy since the blades move efficiently cutting poking hairs. Traditional razor shaving on the other hand requires much more precise effort.

The shaver blade can be cleaned by brushing away the whiskers lightly using a small brush. Do not tap the shaver head on a hard surface for it can result in damaging the sharp combs beneath. An old toothbrush can also be used. After which the blades can be detached and soaked into a soapy liquid for thorough cleaning. The next step is to properly dry the blades, for water can also damage the shaver blade to a certain extent. Replenishing fluids recommended by the manufacturing company can also be applied to shaver blades to maintain their sharpness. Soaking of shaver blades should be ideally done on a monthly basis.