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first rate service after ordering spares for my braun razor.a very good turn round after placing order.thank you.

These arrived quickly and were robustly packaged. They are easily fitted and do their job perfectly

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Hitachi Foils and Cutters


Hitachi Foils and Cutters

Hitachi Foils and Cutters

Hitachi Replacement Shaver Foils and Cutters AV,RM,AM and RMX Series.

Please note that Hitachi pulled out of the UK shaver market approximately 10 years ago and there are now very few spare parts still available. If you email us your model number we will endeavour to see if any of the wholesalers are still showing stock.


Electric shavers are broadly categorized into two; these are foil shavers and rotary shavers. Shavers with a shaver foil and cutter, use blades that move in a back and forth motion while shaving. The technique used by foil shavers is different than that used by traditional razors. Electric shavers manufactured with a shaver foil need to be cleaned and maintained in order to be of use for a longer span of time. The proper way of shaving with a foil shaver is as below:

Apply a pre-shave lotion evenly on the area to be shaved. The lotion helps to reduce the amount of moisture and oils on the skin enabling one to have a smooth and proper shave. The lotion also makes the hair stubble stand upright to be easily cut by the shaver. Next place the shaver designed with a shaver foil directly on the skin and slightly move it over the area to be shaved. For better results, hold the skin using the other hand to keep it tight while shaving. This also prevents the skin from being cut. The main difference between shavers with a shaver foil and regular razors is the former move easily along the face cut while razors require manual maneuvering.

While shaving, do not press the foil shaver too hard. However, an adequate amount of pressure is required for a closer shave. Once done with shaving, splash warm water and then cool water to clean the face. Use an aftershave lotion in order to moisturize and soothe the shaved area.

 Maintenance of foil shavers is also important. With the help of the instruction manual, open the shaver foil of the shaver and blow off the residue such as dead skin and shaved hair. The cleaning should be done after every two to three uses. This keeps the shaver foil sharp and efficient.